Do you need a membership card?

The club has an opening for membership secretary, and as a result many members have not received their membership cards. There are two, no THREE things you can do.

1. You can log in to the site from your phone, and it will show your membership status and expiration date on the right side of the screen. Keep a screenshot of it, and use that for discounts et cetera.

2. You can request a hard membership card by clicking the "Contact Us" link here. The first card is free, and we ask $5 for subsequent replacements. 

3. Volunteer with the Oregon Bears as our new Membership Secretary. We ask for a commitment of one full year. The time requirement is about two hours per month at the board of directors' meeting, and probably another two hours a month processing memberships. To learn more about volunteering with the club, click the "Contact Us" link here.