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  1. The President has stoked the fires of hatred toward our people and the Remembering Our Dead list keeps growing because of it.
  2. After he had to ditch the Uber, the company charged him $5 for canceling the ride. They've refunded that after media started asking questions.
  3. Seal of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services“People wouldn’t let us into trucks, they made us get in the back of the line for showers, they would call us ugly names.”
  4. Celine Dion standing in front of babies dressed in pink or blue.Celine Dion has a new line of kids' clothes. And her ad to promote the onesies will leave you scratching your head.
  5. A screenshot of a tweet with a picture of a group of white teenagers holding up one armThe boys who were doing the "Sig Heil" salute and holding up "white power" signs bullied this kid for years.