The Most Followed LGBTQ News Source
  1. Matt Healy"If you’re gay, I love you and God fucking loves you."
  2. Trump silhouette with a rainbow flagTheir argument is that trans women aren't really women. The 54-page brief is just a riff on that.
  3. Profile view of Donald J Trump, presidential candidate, at the Boca Raton, FL Rally on March 13th, 2016A desperate Trump will pull out all the stops - including homophobia - if that's what he thinks he needs to hold onto the White House.
  4. Can a company with policies prohibiting LGBT discrimination still be an unwelcoming place for LGBT employees?
  5. Jeffrey Edward Epstein was an American financier and convicted sex offender.In a shocking interview before his death, Epstein was "at ease" discussing his desire for young girls and tried to justify it with a bizarre illustration.