The Most Followed LGBTQ News Source
  1. Uncle Alfred is Bruce Wayne's gay uncle in a new graphic novelScreenshotAlfred's sexuality isn't just speculation anymore. Now it's canon.
  2. A crowded street on a women's day in Peru, which implemented the same gendered policy.ShutterstockWomen can leave their homes some days and men on others days. But what about people who don't look like the gender on their ID?
  3. Voters - some with masks, others without - show up to vote in Wisconsin's primary.Screenshot/WISN 12 NewsState Republicans fought to the Supreme Court to have an election today. Now they're joking about how "most Wisconsinites don’t have masks."
  4. 3/16/2020: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during a news conference in the Red Room at the state Capitol.ShutterstockThe New York governor's daily coronavirus briefings have become the country's go-to source of actual information about the pandemic.
  5. The dog with a dinosaur head on it, and the gay couple, one in a wig and the other in a hatTwitter screenshot/Anthony Baxter"Don't move! He can't see us if we don't move." But... it's a dog?