The Most Followed LGBTQ News Source
  1. via APAdvocates in California want an official pardon as "an affirmation of what Rustin knew all along: that he was not a criminal for being gay."
  2. Apple TV+Little America's episode 'The Son' is focused on a gay Syrian immigrant. Now it's being banned in 11 countries, and one of its actors can't enter the United States.
  3. Tom Gralish/The Philadelphia Inquirer via APAn examination of Joe Rogan's extensive history of bigoted remarks may be most damaging to Sanders' campaign - which has already associated itself with multiple anti-LGBTQ people.
  4. Gavel with rainbow and justice documentsShutterstockChristian conservatives say it's discrimination to not let them make legal decisions based on their religion - but LGBTQ people's beliefs are forced to the sidelines.
  5. Jimmy AusbrooksJimmy Ausbrooks campaign website"The Equality Act should have already been put into place. But McConnell refuses to address that, as well as hundreds of other bills that could literally change people’s lives.”