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  1. The homophobic Georgian Orthodox Church forces LGBTQ Georgians to stay in the closet.Michael Jensen"Maybe it's because I've lived here all my life and I don’t know anything different, but it really doesn't feel that hard to be gay here. You just have to be a little discreet."
  2. Pantene's 2019 holiday ads feature transgender people like Steven H.Screenshot44% of LGBTQ people feel they can’t go home for the holidays as their true selves.
  3. A mafia member counts his money while smoking and drinking and holding a gun.ShutterstockThe son of a major mob boss is a drag performer named Lady Godiva.
  4. Illustration of a man being tortured during the Inquisition.ShutterstockIs this love? Or does is this cruelty, discrimination, and, yes, sexuality and gender abuse?
  5. One of the anti-PrEP adsvia GLAADPrEP is safe & effective for preventing HIV, and LGBTQ organizations say the ads at putting people's lives at risk with misinformation.