The Most Followed LGBTQ News Source
  1. Straight pride, gross, dumb, LGBTQ, Pride, history monthShutterstockWon't anyone please think of all the heterosexual and cisgender young people struggling with their mainstream identities amid all the increased LGBTQ acceptance?
  2. Summer Taylor, Seattle, protestor, murder, vehicle, non-binaryFacebookVideo shows the protestors dancing the Cupid Shuffle before the murderer's vehicle plowed through the crowd, sending two bodies flying into the air.
  3. Godzilla, daughter, transgenderShutterstockGodzilla, the "King of the Monsters", loves and accepts their transgender child. Other parents should do the same before Godzilla and their child both destroy our entire city.
  4. polyamory, polyamorous, Pride, Somerville, MassachusettsShutterstockAn estimated 3 percent of the U.S. population is in some sort of non-monogamous arrangement. Could this be the future of marriage in the United States?
  5. Donald TrumpGage Skidmore, FlickrTrump's appointee is trying to funnel tens of millions to unproven software that could expose LGBTQ activists to government monitoring, harassment, arrest, torture, and death.