The Most Followed LGBTQ News Source
  1. The Honey Nut Cheerios bee motions towards a box of cereal with a snapchat code on the back. A rainbow waves in the background.The Human Rights CampaignBuzz the Bee is now buzzing alongside Snapchat and the Human Rights Campaign for LGBTQ equality around the world.
  2. Closeup of a Gay Liberation Front poster urging gays and lesbians to come outMark Segal/Peter HujarThe group was at Stonewall and planted the seeds that started a revolution for years afterwards.
  3. ShutterstockDC Police are urging the public to come forward with information that can identify a man using Tagged to find trans women victims.
  4. Wikimedia CommonsBeing one of the world's most successful LGBTQ entertainers didn't make the singer immune to heavy criticism from his own community.
  5. President Trump stands in front of a burning pride flagTrump needs his evangelical base to stick with him with his scandals, so he's likely to throw as many favors their way as possible — at our expense.