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  1. Drag performers leave venue over labor dispute by Josephine Baird - SGN Contributing Writer Julia's on Broadway, a popular Capitol Hill restaurant and bar and home to Le Faux Productions, is under scrutiny after the July 9 release and reposting of an "urgent message from the Queens of Julia's" directed to the performance community and patrons of the business. The message represents the feelings and requests of the following former Julia's drag performers: Jacob Almanza aka Queen Andrew Scott, Dani Santiago aka Victoria Amore, Andrea Balderas aka Drea, Ian Hill aka Irene Dubois, Warren Ayers aka Sreya Nerraw, and Luis Luviano aka Arrietty. These entertainers have invested significant time into performances at Julia's, ranging anywhere from three months to ten years. They claim that at Julia's, they were all "consistently underappreciated, underpromoted, overly controlled, and underpaid." They say t
  2. by Mike Andrew - SGN Staff Writer Pharmaceutical giant Merck has announced successful clinical trial results for its new medication, islatravir. The drug is being investigated as both a treatment for HIV and as a form of PrEP. Merck announced the results of an ongoing Phase 2a clinical trial at the virtual 11th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2021) this week. The trial is studying islatravir as a once-a-month tablet for PrEP. Subjects in the study were given either 60mg of islatravir, 120mg of islatravir, or a placebo. The study group was at low risk of HIV, and the primary aim was to determine tolerance and the level of islatravir that remained in the patients' bloodstream and for how long. The participants took the drug once a month for six months. After this period, follow-ups were done to monitor how quickly the drug left their system. The study found tha
  3. by Lindsey Anderson - SGN Contributing Writer Montana, the land of big skies, big elk, and big prejudices, has always stood as a conservative force in the United States, but with newly elected Gov. Greg Gianforte, the state seems to be running backward when it comes to Transgender rights and is now facing a new legal battle. Montana was quick to lead the national debate regarding the right of Trans girls and young women to compete in sports. In the month of April alone, Gianforte signed three major state bills that have effectively limited the rights of LGBTQ+ people, especially those who identify as Transgender. On April 6, Gianforte signed SB 215, also known as the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act," which gives rights to individuals and businesses to challenge laws they might see infringing on their constitutional freedom of religion. This law allows for privately owned businesses to discriminate against members of the LGBTQ com
  4. Glitter Gala is first up on August 5 by Carter Hemion - SGN Contributing Writer On August 5, Can Can Culinary Cabaret, now located in Post Alley but featuring familiar talents, opens for the first time in months. Staff and guests are looking forward to the reopening, starting with the Glitter Gala. Audience members can expect a larger theater, an open-air deck, and a bar with increased hours of operation. The bar, called The Dressing Room, will display "all sorts of relics from the Can Can's past," according to founder, owner, and creative director Chris Pink. These will include costumes and other items on the ceiling above guests. The bar will continue serving food and drinks outside performance days and hours. Moving a block from its previous location in Pike Place Market was a choice made for the company's survival during the pandemic. Pink said moving last May was "super sad for us, because we all had [put]
  5. by Sharon Cumberland - SGN Contributing Writer AN DIE MUSIK: A SCHUBERTIADE PACIFIC MUSICWORKS THE HORSES' YARD, MADISON VALLEY JULY 25, 2021 Pacific Music Works is known worldwide for its masterful performance of Early Music and Baroque masterworks, but this past Sunday, a group of PMW supporters were treated to an outdoor concert focused on the works of the Romantic-era composer Franz Schubert (1797-1828). Though Schubert was only 31 when died, he left so much cherished music behind that "Schubertiades" - concerts and gatherings devoted to his music - are celebrated around the world. The original Schubertiades were intimate affairs held in people's houses in Schubert's hometown of Vienna, with Schubert himself at the piano and his friends crowded around, singing his songs and playing his sonatas. This same intimacy was achieved on Sunday as PMW's friends sat on folding chairs and hay bales in a close c