• dave hugging larry
    dave hugging larry
  • big guy in bear shirt
    big guy in bear shirt
  • small steve and mikey
    small steve and mikey
  • larry and eddy
    larry and eddy
  • josh and steve
    josh and steve
  • Dr. ed laughing
    Dr. ed laughing
  • great beard
    great beard
  • jayme and me
    jayme and me
  • larry and steve
    larry and steve
  • mike and his chest
    mike and his chest



Brian Gregory



Bruce Mason

 Case Earl_Jr


Case Earl Jr.



Dave Whitney



David Jackson



David Small

 David Goller


David Goller



Davis Wilson



Eric Coulson



Hiatt RB



Jeff Walters



Jose Ornelas



Marc Chevalier



Mark Knodell

 robert hatfield


Robert Hatfield



Roger Steele




Ron Morrill



Wendell Walters

Disclaimer: At all  Oregon Bears events there is a good chance your picture will be taken. The photos may be used to promote future events and will be posted on our website and our Facebook page. If you don't want to be photographed, tell the photographer or an Oregon Bears Board member.

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